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hors les murs | madonnas

Extra muros

Off-site | madonnas

04.23.2022 - 06.04.2022

Gallery PJ presents 'Madonnas' by Joel-Peter Witkin.

Opening on Saturday from 4pm to 7pm

Gallery hours Wed-Fri: 11am-6pm Saturday: 11am-5pm

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40 années de vie plaquée

Extra muros

40 années de vie plaquée

04.03.2022 - 09.04.2022

To celebrate his forty years of creation, the Chapelle de Clairefontaine invited Joël Ducorroy for a retrospective exhibition highlighting the original practice of the artist. 

Calling himself a "plaquetitien" (pun on plasticien meaning visual artist and plaque) Joël Ducorroy works with words using license plates as a medium.

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vernissage I nicolas guilbert, l'atelier du temps


opening I nicolas guilbert, l'atelier du temps

03.30.2022 - 03.30.2022

The baudoin lebon gallery is pleased to present L'atelier du temps by Nicolas Guilbert. True to his sensitivity and humour, the artist offers poetic compositions on paper, mixing drawings, photographs, inks and collages...
These drawings will be exhibited alongside by miniature cabinets of curiosities, the "Iconoboxes", which deliver, in a wooden case, Nicolas Guilbert's dreamlike world.

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remise du prix photo camera clara à partir de 18h30


camera clara photo award from 6.30 pm

03.09.2022 - 02.09.2022

Joséphine de Bodinat Moreno, President of the Fondation Grésigny and founder of the prize,
Judith Peyrat, Director of the Baudoin Lebon Gallery,
are pleased to invite you to CAMERA CLARA PHOTO AWARD CEREMONY.

on Wednesday 9 March from 6.30 pm

On this occasion, the name of the winner will be revealed: Roei Greenberg, with English Encounters.
Special mention: Alexis Vettoretti, with Paysannes.

In the presence of
Joséphine de Bodinat Moreno, founder of the prize and president of the Fondation Grésigny,
Audrey Bazin, artistic director,
and the jury
Dominique de Font-Reaulx, its president,
Aurélie Chauffert-Yvart, Héloïse Conésa, Marc Donnadieu, Julie Jones, Chantal Nedjib, Guillaume Piens, Michel Poivert & Fabien Simode.

RSVP before 02 March 2022
Audrey Bazin:

exhibition from Thursday 10 to Saturday 26 March

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