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Born in Cienfuegos (Cuba) in 1971, he shows an interest in drawing from a young age and enrols in elementary art school at just ten years old. After learning the basics of traditional techniques, he acquires a defined taste for tridimensionality and enters the National Fine Arts School (ENAP) in Havana to study sculpture in 1986.


In 1994, he became a teacher at the ENAP and puts together his first major exhibition Acorazados [Battleships], a series of sculptures made out of aluminium trays called bandejas de comedor [Dining hall trays]. From this point on, he has used humble objects as a conceptual, imperious and blatant force in his work. Finally, he reused the tray in his Homenaje a Mondrian [Hommage to Mondrian] (1995) in its purest form, rejecting any visual mannerism or decorative input.


That same year, he enters the Art Institute of Havana (ISA) and develops De paseo anda la vida [Life strolls around] and Golpes de la vida [Blows of life]. A car is dissected into modules resembling a tridimensional maze showing two completely opposite views on convulsive immigration as a compelling solution to current social issues.


Detaching himself from the academic environment, he travels to Europe hoping to broaden his horizons while assuming his new migrant condition and knowing well he could never return to Cuba as an artist.


At the start of this new phase, he presents his ambitious work Sólidos Aparentes [Apparent Solids] (1999) at the Chateau de Nedde in France. This vast installation is formed by an accumulation of daily objects creating a metal mesh inhabited by living rats. Apparent Solids reflects on the artist's first impression of consumerism, a society subordinated to the object, inseparable and dependent on it. It is the contemplation of the human kind as creator but also prisoner of its own evolution.


He settled in Andorra in 2000 and displayed a year later Hoy no todo me es ya indiferente [Today I'm not indifferent to it all anymore] (2001), a work in which he manipulates the concept of scaffolding as a metaphor on the construction of the thought. It is but an attempt to recognize the construction of memory and, at the same time, a more personal claim to restate one's artistic condition and the refusal to abandon it.

From that moment on, Balmaseda also explored other practices such as architecture, design, digital animation and illustration for television ads.


In 2007, the Bolivarian Museum of Contemporary Art (Colombia) offered him the opportunity to participate in the exhibition Itinerarios. He exhibited El placer de quedarse quieto[The pleasure of being still] (2007)part of the series Vías y Soluciones [Roads and Solutions]. A fourteen-meter long patch of asphalted road hangs like a hammock from one side of the space to the other leaving hardly any space to visitors. It highlights man's passivity, evasive attitude and detachment when faced with social evidence.


In 2013, he was selected by Commissioner Henry Perier to represent Andorra at the 55th Venice Biennale with the work Fixed in Contemporaneity, an installation of ten horses with cut-off legs supported by hydraulic jacks and other mechanical equipment. The distressing image creates a vision of contemporaneity coming from the artist's own experiences and the impotence of questioning a society immersed in deculturalisation and human deracination.


In 2017, the artist was assistant commissioner for Andorra's pavilion during the 57th Venice Biennale and collaborated then with photographer Roberto Battistini for his project Gainsbourg Still Alive with several artists like Jacques Villeglé, Orlan and Hervé diRosa.


In 2018, he created another installation La ruta migratoria in the Vías y Soluciones. The art world was conquered by his artwork, which was exhibited by the baudoin lebon gallery during Art Elysées.


He currently lives and works in the Principality of Andorra.



2021 “Solo Aire”, Taranmana Gallery, Andorra.
2019 “La ruta migratoria. Una singularidad paisajistica”, 2019 Sala Art al Roc, Government of Andorra and Lluis Corominas Foundation, Barcelona.
2018 “La ruta migratoria. Una singularidad paisajistica”, Terracotta Museum, La Bisbal d'Empordà.
2018 “Valor de Linea”, Epsilon Art Group, Shenzhen Shangai, China.
2016 “Especial Exhibition”, ArtJeju, South Korea.
2015 “Drawings”, BOA Gallery, Paris. France.
2015 “Drawings” Lotte Gallery, Busan. South Korea.
1999  “Sólidos Aparentes”, Nedde Castle, France.
1997 “Golpes de la vida”, Coordenada Arte Sur Gallery, Cienfuegos, Cuba.
1996 “Cornucopia” KNOX Gallery, Denver, Colorado, USA.
1995 “Untitled” Ciego de Ávila Gallery, Cuba.
1994 “Acorazados”, 12 Y 23 Gallery, Havana, Cuba.
1990 “Ergonomia”, ENAP Gallery, Havana, Cuba.


2020 “Regards de passionnés, (FIMAC Collection). 2020 La Tour d'Aigues Castle, France
2020 “Les Flâneries d'Art Contemporain”, Aix en Provence, France
2019 “La realidad y el deseo” Centro Cultural MVA. Malaga, Spain.
2019 Art Élysées 2019 (FIAC), Baudoin Lebon Gallery. Paris,  France
2019 Art Busan Fair Busan, South Korea.
2018 “Praise of the hand” Art Shenzhen Faire, China.
2018 “Gainsbourg Still Alive”, Par Graf Notaire Gallery, Paris. France.
2017 “Summer Show” BOA Gallery, Paris. France.
2017 Curador Pabellón de Andorra 57ª Venice Biennale.
2017 “Gainsbourg Still Alive” Cornette de Saint Cyr Gallery, Paris. France.
2016 “Estampes & Originaux” BOA Gallery, Paris. France
2016 ARTJEJU, Jeju. South Korea.
2016 “WINE CUBE” ArtCube Gallery, Paris. France.
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2014 ”Benvinguts a casa vostra”  Principate of Andorra.
2014 Arte Laguna Prize 13.14 Arsenal, Venece, Italia.
2014 “Tempus Fugit”  Principate of Andorra.
2013 “Fixed in Contemporaneity” 55a Bienañl of Venice, Italia.
2010 “WORK TO WORK” EnPlainAir Gallery. Turin, Italia.
2007-2008 “Itinerario”  Bolivarian Museum of Contemporary Art, Colombia.
2006 “Francophilia” City Council XVIème, Paris, France.
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2003 “Art Warehouse”, Nedde Castle, France.
2002 “6 Artists-6 Concepts”, Amarika Gallery, Vitoria, Spain.
2002“Art Warehouse”, Nedde Castle, France.
2001 “6 Artists-6 Concepts”, Andorra, Art workshops, Exhibition hall of the Government of Andorra.
1998 “First Report”, Provincial Museum of Cienfuegos, Cuba.
1997 “Before the Rain”, ISA Gallery, Colateral of the Havana Biennial, Cuba.
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1993 “Modernos 4”, Visual Arts Development Centre, Cienfuegos, Cuba.
1993 “IVth City Show”, Boulevard Gallery, Cienfuegos, Cuba.
1988 “Adokín”, Casa del Joven Creador Gallery, Havana, Cuba



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