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materialité photographique

11/10/2021 - 11/28/2021

PhotoSaintGermain rive droite - Photo Days

Isabelle BLANC / Mickaël MARCHAND / Juliette-Andréa ELIE / Dorian FRANCOIS / 

materialité photographique

As part of the Photo Saint Germain rive droite and Photo Day festival, baudoin lebon has invited four artists, each of whom proposes an approach to photography that pushes the concept of the image beyond the physical medium and is engaged in a creative display process. Their works thus constitute a reflection on the function and materiality of the image, as a tangible object and a medium conveying messages. Each of them is committed to include the viewer in the centre of the photographic project by involving him or her physically and/or emotionally.

Isabelle Blanc underlines the porosity of the border between cinema and photography. Her installation, reminiscent of cinematic sequencing, takes the viewer through the disturbing film of a night filled with masked monsters.

Through her poetic and ethereal photographic objects, Juliette-Andréa Elie raises awareness about the climate and the danger that man represents for its environment.

In Trois mille sept cent dix-huit, Dorian François takes a long walk from the coast of the island of Tenerife to the summit of its volcano. As the landscape is discovered in the photographs, an inner dialogue is established, and he delivers texts that retrace and question his construction of the relationship to the body and to sexuality.

Finally, the more the land art aesthetic research of Mickaël Marchand's land becomes refined, the more complex and surprising the compositions he captures become, playing with a balance on the verge of collapsing.

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