Darking papers

04/12/2018 - 06/02/2018

A-Sun WU / 

Darking papers

A-Sun Wu was born in 1942 in the city of Luodong in the North East of Taiwan. He currently lives and works between Taipei and Paris.

The gallery baudoin lebon displays the work of A-Sun Wu whom presents his artworks in chinese ink. The artist, a traveler, draws his inspiration and recreates what he discovers during his travels.

In the chaos of our world, Mankind becomes the center of his project.

Mankind at the center of his questionning


The main preoccupation of A-Sun Wu is Mankind and this since the 1970s.

Inspired by his childhood’s memories in Taiwan, A-Sun Wu painted vast, colorful, dynamic and Asian paintings.

His discovery of other continents in the 1980s (almost 30 countries visited in Africa) opened up the scope of possibilities and the mark left by the culture of the natives transpires into his works.

With the researches he conducted and the primitive energy that stems from it, A-Sun Wu transcribes in his works, his vision of a world in which Mankind is confronted with his natural environment.

Oriental spirituality

The artist believes that Men does not confront the universe, he is part of it. He is in harmony with it. One can find in his works the subtil approach of the yin and the yang, couple of complementary forces.

In 1996, the gesture of A-Sun started  to be more simplified and refined inspired by the oriental philosophy. In order to achieve this, he mainly uses red, black and white, respectively symbols of life, power and peace (Buddhists and Taoists ideas).

Inwardness over shape

His works keeps evolving. Chinese ink currently dominates. A slight touch of color appears sometimes but the most important is already said.

The breath (qi), the mind and the essence of things (tao) summarizes this intuitive painting in which the inner force prevails over resemblance and shape.

This powerful style is translated by a violent gesture which one can find in A-Sun Wu Mount Huang’s landscapes or in the portraits of the tribes he met during his travels.


The juxtaposition of primitivism and Occidental modernity experienced during his travels is perfectly summarized in his recent works displayed by baudoin lebon. The ultimate goal of his approach is finding again this sacred bond with the essential elements of our world.